Destination Joy

Almost ten years ago, I began my journey to joy. Special people helped me along the way with their wisdom, scholarship, and caring hearts. Some of what they taught me is encapsulated in these blog posts. For example, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith taught me first-hand how our mutual humble beginnings made us who we are and to celebrate our past. The first time I heard the concept of sacred souls was from Dr. Lance Secretan. Mary Lynne Heldmann helped me shift negative thinking to its polar opposite and to unconditionally believe in this new normal. Eckhart Tolle taught me much about ego and acceptance of the present moment. The list is long, and I am grateful to each one of these extraordinary people who cared enough to invest in me – either directly or indirectly through their life’s work. I am walking the path to joy. I share what I’ve learned so you can get started on your own journey.


The car left skid marks as it careened off the main thoroughfare and onto the side of the road. With wheels screeching and brakes squealing, it came to a hard stop. Just then, the door flung open and an irate woman got out. She came racing across

My Ego

Each of us has a hard shell of ego covering our inner feelings. Some of those feelings are positive, but many are not. And when our inner feelings aren’t positive, they can become triggers of insecurity that cause us to react in needy ways. For


“I can’t do this. It’s too hard,” said the young mother raising a difficult toddler. “I’m so stiff with this chronic arthritis,” said the daily walker as she laced her walking shoes. “I feel like I can’t go on. I’m so lost,”