Bountiful Journey

Throughout the years, I’ve encountered unforgettable people who stand out in my memories. These are the stories of some of those people who followed their own path yet left a trail in my heart. Some of the stories that follow are lighthearted. Others are sadly impactful. Each story has something worthwhile to teach us.

Kinky Palm


“Don’t know. Don’t know who said “ ’Lo, Kinky,’” said Kinky Palm that warm summer night at the fairgrounds many years ago. I said it and I can only hope, looking back, that it was out of kindness which I was prone to and not clowning


mascara brushes

“Everyone come back with me to my dorm room. I want to put more mascara on the tips of my lashes,” said Dana. With that simple command, I and four other college girls turned on our heels and followed Dana back to her dorm room so she could